What I Eat In A Day On Keto! #shorts

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What I Eat In A Day On Keto! #shorts

My eating day is boring but my metabolism is strong. I eat so that I can bring my best brain forward.
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Most common questions I get … 
1) “Doc, what BLOOD KETONE METER do you recommend?”
      ANSWER:  FORACARE: http://on.bozmd.com/fora6  (Promo-code: Dr.Boz)
      It’s accurate and takes only ONE test-strip to get results. YES!!
2) “Doc, what can I have while fasting?”
    Salt + water are best.  
    Salt: http://bit.ly/3bkpZMl  (Promo code: DrBoz) Sounds weird but it’s strangely satisfying.
    Black coffee – I prefer cold brew coffee. 
    Fasting tea Pique Teas:
**Promo code DrBoz**
Fermented Tea: http://on.bozmd.com/teas
Bergamot Fasting Tea: http://on.bozmd.com/BlackTea
Fast With Tea: http://on.bozmd.com/fast_with_tea
3) “Doc, how do you know if you’re eating the right fat?” 
     Measure Omega 3 Index. No doctor’s order needed. http://bit.ly/2v2rA9p 
 *This content is strictly the opinion of Annette Bosworth, MD.  Our content informs and educates viewers. Medical advice is not given on this channel. Your personal physician gives the medical advice and treatment specific to your situation. Dr Boz channel only educates. Consult your doctor or qualified health professional regarding specific health questions. Neither Dr. Bosworth nor the publisher of this content takes responsibility for possible health consequences of any person(s) receiving this educational content. Ask your health advisors before beginning any nutritional supplement or lifestyle program.

Halloween on Amazon
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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