How To Make Keto Vegan Carrot Cake | Keto Vegan Gluten-free

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How To Make Keto Vegan Carrot Cake | Keto Vegan Gluten-free

Who could say no to a lovely slice of cake and a cup of tea? Certainly not me! This creamy, moist, fluffy carrot cake is no doubt one of life’s simplest yet most luxurious pleasures. All keto vegan and gluten-free x

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Dry Mixture:
200g almond Flour
45g coconut Flour
2 tbsp desiccated coconut
2 tsp baking powder
1 sp baking soda
1 pinch of Salt
2 tsp ground cinnamon

Wet Mixture:
4 tbsp ground flaxseed
1 cup cold water
1/2 cup erythritol sweetener (adjust for your taste)
80g melted coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla Extract
1 tbsp lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar)
1 cup shredded carrots

Coconut whipped cream:
2 tins chilled coconut cream (400ml each)
powdered sweetener (I use erythritol)

Chopped walnuts
Shredded carrots
Shredded ginger

1. Prepare “flax egg” by 1 cup of cold water to the ground flaxseed. Mixell and leave to rest for 15mins.

2. Sift all ingredients for the Dry Mixture into a mixing bowl.

3. Add all the remaining ingredients for the Wet Mixture (bar carrots) into the same bowl as the “flax egg” and mix well. Add in the shredded carrots and whisk everything together.

4. Combining Dry and Wet mixture together using the “folding” action. This helps to retain the air in the mixture.

5. Grease a 8×8 inch cake tin with oil (line the bottom of the tin with a baking sheet). Pour the cake batter into the tin and smooth/even out the surfaces.

6. Bake the batter in a 180C/350F preheated oven for 50-60 minutes in total. At around the 30 minute mark, place a layer of baking sheet (or foil) on the top of the cake tin to prevent over-browning. Bake for the remaining time.

7. Leave the cake to completely cool in the tin before removing the cake.

8. Divide the cake into two equal pieces to create a double layer cake or simply leave it as a single layer. Cover the cake with the “coconut whipped cream” (instructions below). Options to sprinkle chopped walnuts, shredded carrots and fresh ginger as toppings.

Scoop out the “cream” part of the coconut cream only (skim off coconut water). Whisk the chilled cream till it’s light and creamy. Incorporate powdered sweetener for the sweetness.


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